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10 Reasons Why People Move To Florida
WCI- A Lennar Company | 06-19-18
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Florida is one of the most popular states to live in. With 49 other options in the country, why do so many people long to call Florida their home?

Where to even begin? There is so much to love about the Sunshine State that it is difficult to narrow it down to just ten reasons! Here are a handful of the top reasons why people move to Florida:

The weather

Weather in many parts of the country has its good parts of the years and not so good parts. Florida is one of the lucky states that enjoys beautiful weather all year long. Our weather is so lovely that many Northerners have winter homes in Florida to escape being holed up at home for an entire season. Though these snowbirds can attest, after buying a winter home here, you may end up staying all year!

The people

Florida is full of wonderful people. People are nice here and full of interesting life stories. It is easy to be in a good mood when you live in such a special place, and that mood is infectious. People want to live somewhere that makes them happy and is full of others who are happy. Florida is that kind of place!

The opportunities

Florida is not only a popular place to live, but it is also a very in-demand vacation spot. With so many people visiting the state all year long, Florida’s economy does quite well. The hospitality industry is not the only flourishing field in this state. No matter what industry you work in, Florida likely has a job market for you.

The attractions

One of the reasons that Florida attracts so many tourists is because of the variety of attractions in the state. We have Disney World, Universal Studios and many other theme parks. We have world-class restaurants in every sort of cuisine imaginable. There are museums, shopping, concert venues and plenty of spectacular live shows.

The beaches

Beach lovers will find Florida to be a true paradise. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found in Florida. Each coast has its own stunning landscapes, all of them worth a visit. Whether you are hoping to relax in the sand, participate in watersports or enjoy a tropical drink as the sun sets, Florida has it.

The sports

Sports fans have plenty of teams to cheer for in Florida. Every professional sport has at least one team here. We even get sports teams from other states coming down to train in Florida each year, like the New York Yankees. Our colleges are also sporting powerhouses, so you can begin watching the future pro athletes when they are still in college.

The golfing

Golfers love Florida, in part because the weather allows them to enjoy their favorite sport all year round. They also love the many world-class golf courses that are available in the state. Amateurs and pros alike know that Florida is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts.

The nature

Beaches are not the only gorgeous natural element in Florida. There are stunning state parks, home to all sorts of lush wildlife. There is so much to explore in this state!

The houses

Florida is home to some of the most amazing homes in the world. Celebrities and CEOs are not the only people that get to enjoy the beauty of a Florida home. There are houses available in every price point here.

The cost of living

With no state income tax and a low cost of living, Florida is a very affordable place to live. Not only are the prices reasonable, but the quality of life is so rich here. And you can’t put a price on that!

Source: wcicommunities.com

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