We all know about those seemingly easy tasks on your

In most cases plumbing problems are exacerbated by do-it- yourselfers.

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Plumbing And Your Honey Do List
United Plumbing Solutions Staff | 06-06-14

We all know about those seemingly easy tasks on your Honey-do-list, where plumbing is always at the top. Plumbing should never be on that list, maybe minor renovation jobs around the home; but never plumbing. In most cases plumbing problems are exacerbated by do-it- yourselfers. Over the years, studies have shown that 15% out of every 25% households have the burden of unnecessary plumbing expenses due to unprofessional plumbing ventures. It isn’t debatable, that men are quite handy when it comes to minor issues but in reality, a professional is most times required for a quick and simple modification. Here are some common situations:

  • Main Line Stoppage: Anytime the toilets arebacking up into the tubs and showers the problem is most likely the main line. This usually requires special equipment that most homeowners don't typically have. While renting the equipment is possible, it is not advisable unless you have experience using it. A professional will have experience using the equipment and clearing out the main line. 
  • Shower Valve Replacement: This can be complex and time consuming for the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. An expert can help you pick out the right valve for your shower. The options are many and it can get confusing very quickly. There is also the possibility of damaging the shower walls in the process. A professional will know how to change the valve with the least amount of damage (if any) to your walls.
  • Water Heaters: Depending on this situation it is not recommended to work on your own water heater without experience or proper guidance. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a water heater repair. An apparently simple adjustment may end up making a leak worse or causing more damage.
  • Tub Replacement: This type of project is a big job, even for the professional plumber. It may sound straight forward, but it is quite involved and I don't recommend it for even the handiest homeowner. 

There are many plumbing projects that should be on that Honey-do-list. However, there are times when calling a professional is the best option. If you are experiencing the mentioned plumbing issues, you should definitely call one of our certified plumbers at United Plumbing Solutions.

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