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The Holidays Are Here, Are You Prepared?
Staff | 11-22-18
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Thanksgiving is already here and the Christmas holiday season is fast approaching. This means you’re probably neck-deep into getting all the festivities planning underway. With so many things to purchase, from decorations, to gifts, to looking for grandma’s secret apple pie recipe, the thought of preparing your plumbing for your guests may have slipped your mind. No worries though, with Flamingo Plumbing we always have your back, or rather, your kitchen, bathrooms, etc. We have created a simple checklist to ensure that you are ready and able to receive your guests. 

  • Ensure your showers and sinks are not draining slowly. More people means more utilization. Be sure to have this issue remedied as no one likes standing in shower water or waiting for a sink to drain...and let’s help you make sure all the memories are sweet this time of year!

  • A leaky faucet can not only cost you additional money, but it can go from bad to worse this time of year. If you were meaning to get this fixed, now is the perfect time to do so...don’t wait for the faucet to fail during your holiday lunch or dinner.

  • With the additional food being cooked and consumed, this is the worst time to have your garbage disposal on the fritz as well. Ensure it is ready for the additional work this holiday season.

  • or the guests who might be sleeping over, ensure they shower in comfort with a functional water heater. Don’t be left embarrassed with someone having to tell you your water heater is not working.

Flamingo Plumbing is client-focused and since 1992 we have been offering exceptional customer service. With all these scenarios and more, we are ready to help you ensure that you receive your guests without worry this season. Schedule your plumbing appointments early if you can, but if you are caught in a jam, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We want you to have a stress free and enjoyable Thanksgiving and holiday season. Turn your plumbing woes over to the plumbing experts and contact us today!