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The Importance Of Hiring A Certified Backflow Technician
Staff | 09-21-17
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Backflow prevention is an annual maintenance concern for many businesses in our area. Ensure you have the right technician for the job. Certified backflow technicians have special testing equipment designed specifically for the task of backflow inspections. They also are required to have the necessary technical skills, licenses and certifications to repair or replace, if necessary, any defective equipment.
County water utility departments will only recognize backflow prevention technicians who are state or county licensed plumbing contractors.  Also, certification for backflow prevention assembly testing is usually required.  Make sure your vendor is certified to install and perform annual testing and maintenance of your backflow prevention assembly. 
Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow is one of South Florida’s most experienced backflow prevention certification companies. If you are looking for a backflow specialist, call 561-688-2858 or complete our online request form. Remember, if water flows through it, we can do it!


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