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Your Dream Bathroom, Now A Reality!
Staff | 12-13-18
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For most of us, our bathroom is the first place we visit in the morning and probably the last place we visit at night. Even if your time spent is a few minutes, why not let it be a pleasant visit? If your bathroom does not relax you, or it does not make you feel luxurious and present a clean and neat vibe, then you are in need of a renovation to make bathroom time better. Many of you have been reaching out to us since we are getting closer to the holiday season and that more than likely means you’ll be having family and friends over. While we understand and will assist in ensuring your guest are impressed, honestly you deserve to do this for yourself.  You deserve great bathrooms.

 So you might be saying, well are you guys the ones to call or should I be calling a general contractor.  Good question. Here is something to consider, if you call a GC then ultimately they will reach out to us or another plumber to get a bid.  If you call us directly we can give you our suggestions and pricing for the plumbing aspects of your project...which by the way are the form and function elements that matter...then we can refer you to a GC or you can contact one and ask them to use us for the plumbing.   This typically not only saves you time and money, but ensures that you stay focused on the form and functional fixtures which are ultimately most important when it comes to bathrooms. If you are in middle of a remodel now, it may not be too late to switch to us also, just ask your GC if you are so inclined.  Our experienced professionals are ready to help and they are available six (6) days/ week for regular service plus extended hours for larger projects.  At Flamingo Plumbing, we work hard to exceed your expectations. And we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service. Contact Flamingo Plumbing and get the ball rolling on your dream bathroom today!

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