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Why You Should Call Flamingo Plumbing First!

Staff | 10-29-18

When it comes to your plumbing needs, why would you risk hiring an unlicensed, random technician? Your home insurance will pay the price if he is injured and you have no idea of his background and technical skills! These types of scary scenarios occur everyday when enough is not done to source a reputable plumbing company. Avoid the horror scene and call Flamingo Plumbing first!

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Importance Of Hiring A Licensed Plumber

Lance Hanson | 10-29-18

Though there are an array of plumbing providers who offer their services, they might be unlicensed and come at a cheaper price. Read more to find out why hiring a licensed plumber is a better idea and might save you more in the long run.

Why Choose A Tankless Water Heater

Staff | 10-01-18

Imagine you are in the middle of a relaxing shower with shampoo in your hair and suddenly the water turns cold. With no more hot water to continue with, you then think to yourself, ‘Yikes! Maybe I should have made the investment and purchased a tankless water heater!’ Read more to find out why the tankless water heater is worth the investment.

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Solved! How Long A Water Heater Actually Lasts


Keep tabs on your hot water heater's age and condition so you'll know when to replace it. Among the benefits of the timely installation of a new water heater, you'll probably enjoy lower energy bills - as well as uninterrupted access to hot showers.

Reasons Why You Need To Clean And Maintain Your Grease Traps

Staff | 08-26-18

The season is fast approaching and Flamingo Plumbing wants you to stay ahead of the game by having your grease traps cleaned, cleared and in tip-top shape for the arrival of our resident snowbirds and tourists. Here’s why…

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