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Plumbing Issues Checklist When Moving Or Relocating This Summer

Staff | 06-19-18

Are you new to the South Florida area? Experiencing problems with your plumbing? Whether you are moving into your new home or maybe you are looking to put your current one up for sale, there are some plumbing tasks by Flamingo Plumbing you should be sure to follow to make the moving process a whole lot easier...

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10 Reasons Why People Move To Florida

WCI- A Lennar Company | 06-19-18

After reading these great reasons to move to Florida, we’re pretty certain you’d want to come. Let the local heroes from the Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow Services assist you in making a smooth transition, especially if you run into any plumbing situations!

Are You A Military Veteran? Then WE WANT YOU To Join Our Team!

Staff | 05-27-18

Here at Flamingo Plumbing we believe that a strong, qualified team is what really makes the difference. If you’re a military veteran and you’re looking to join a skilled trade that can offer a great pay and benefits, then we are interested in hiring you.

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5 Times You Should Call A Plumber

Wilson Weaver | 05-27-18

There are certain plumbing problems that you just can't DIY. Learn when you should always call a plumber, especially if you're not experienced.

Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Flamingo Plumbing And Backflow

Staff | 12-11-17

Cheers to a joyous and relaxing holiday season!

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