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Flamingo Plumbing

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Pipe Corrosion Prevention


Estimates show that pipe corrosion costs homeowners over one billion dollars in the United States. It is better to prevent corrosion than having to replace your entire pipe system later. Learn more about this common issue and how you could start saving today.

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A Small Leak Can Mean Big Problems


In the plumbing world a small leak is a serious problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not feel the same way.
They are under the impression that a small problem like this will take care of itself; this is not usually the case.

7 Tips To Prevent Your Plumbing From Crapping Out On You

KLC CLassified | 02-14-19

We need to talk — potty talk. It’s about your plumbing and why you should take better care of it. While it’s a mystery when and how your plumbing will crap out on you, you can delay the dreaded day you need to call the plumber by following these helpful maintenance tips.

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Fall In Love With Your Kitchen This Valentine Day!

Staff | 02-14-19

Your kitchen is a place where good meals and great memories are made. Some might even say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Now that you've finally gotten the time and/or the extra cash saved up, that kitchen renovation project that you've been wanting to do is right at the top of your list. And what better time to deal with the affairs of the heart! Follow our guidelines and fall in love with your kitchen again this Valentine's Day…

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