Is it Time to Maintenance Your Water Heater?

Is it Time to Maintenance Your Water Heater?

The water heater is one of the essential household appliances but the least thought about. They work throughout the day and night ensuring your household never runs out of hot water. From hot water shower to cooking and dish cleaning, we need our water at varying degrees of warmth.

When you compile the multiple usages of warm water by each family, you get a clear picture of the strain on your water heater. With time, the water may begin to malfunction or work ineffectively. It can be due to age or needs maintenance. And when that happens, you need professional assistance to help you in the maintenance or installation of a new one.

But, when is it time to maintain your water heater? There is no specific time for water heater maintenance. Instead, you can rely on certain signs that indicate it’s time, for instance:


The age of the water heater is important especially if you are a new occupant of a previously occupied house. Locate the serial number which will help you determine its age. You should be able to find the serial number on the sticker with manufacturer details.

The first letter in the serial number is a code for a specific month while the two numbers after that represent the year. For instance, the D122277653 heater is from September 2012.

However, if you can’t determine the age of this appliance, seek professional consultation. Knowing the age is the first step to determine what your water heater needs. If it’s over 6 to 8 years, you will need a new one. But below that, professional maintenance of the water heater will be great.

Doesn’t Heat Water

Loss of heating function may mean three possible scenarios. First, the thermostat needs proper adjustment. Second, there is a heating element broken in the heater. And third, your household warm water demand exceeds the performance of the heater. And there could be other reasons that only a professional can note.


When you notice leakage on your water heater, it’s about time you call the maintenance company for assistance. But it’s not often that you will visibly spot leakage. There are times when you need to examine the water heater thoroughly once or twice a month. Look for leakage signs like damp carpet, drips, musty smell, or water collection around the base of the heater.


Noise is another common ailing sign of the water heater. You may either hear clicking or rumbling sounds. And both are an indication that your system needs maintenance. To check for noises, examine the heater when it’s in operation. However, the noise could be because of the age or sediment build-up, among others. So, any noise that’s not normal requires you to call a maintenance team to investigate and correct it.


While steel is the strongest metal, it cannot withstand rust. So, when corrosion in the tank begins, you will notice reddish-brown water from taps or showerheads. Also, the taste of the water will change to metallic. Book a maintenance service if this happens. They should be able to tell whether it’s your tap or heater that needs maintenance.

Lastly, a standard water heater can serve you for 8 to 10 years but with good maintenance, the lifespan can extend. While maintaining it yourself seems like a better option, it’s not effective. Therefore, you need professional assistance.

With their skills and experience, they can examine your appliance and determine where maintenance is necessary. So, if your heater is having any of the above signs contact Flamingo Services. They offer a free estimate if it’s a new installation and their maintenance service is top-notch.