Read Our Plumbing Services Testimonial from Robert R. Sands

Flamingo Plumbing

Mere words cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful service provided by your Service Tech Timothy Moore. My older sister called me in a panic. There was a flood of water in the area where the washing machine, and water heater are located dryer. My sister was having a panic attack. I advised her to calm down and told her I would get back with her shortly. I searched the web and was lucky enough To find your company. I gave her the number and she called your office. What fantastic service she was provided from the initial contact to the service Tech you provided. Timothy did a FANTASTIC job by cleaning up the mess by a leaking Water Tank and doing the repairs needed. In fact Timothy Followed up the next day just to see how my sister was coping. I will readily recommend your company. In fact I will be calling soon to set up an appointment for myself. My sister was so grateful she cried tears of joy for the job your company provided at a fair price, great service and for the follow up!