Annual Backflow Testing

Annual Backflow Testing

Drinking water getting into your property from an underground source travels in a straight line in pressurized form. Due to this pressure, water maintains one direction throughout. Further, cross-connections make it possible for drinkable and non-drinkable water to remain separate. 

And thanks to that, you have a constant supply of drinkable water throughout. However, there are instances when the system experiences a backflow. An instance when water changes the direction of flow. And for that reason, annual backflow testing is essential. To learn more, read on: 

What’s a Backflow?

A backflow is that moment when non-drinkable water changes the direction of flow and enters the line with drinkable water. As a result, it leads to contamination of water. And this can occur on any of the cross-connections. 

What’s the Cause?

The backflow can occur due to several reasons. The first is a strain on the water supply line. It could be due to the use of many fire hydrants in the same area. Secondly, the cause could be a burst or break on the main supply line. In all cases, a change in the pressure of water remains the main cause. 

What’s more, contamination of potable water means you cannot use it anymore for consumption. And this is because non-potable water may contain wastes that are health hazards. However, you may use it for cleaning purposes. 

Backflow Testing

Consumption of contaminated water as a result of backflow can impact your health severely. As a result, it’s important to apply necessary measures that will prevent backflow from occurring. In this case, the installation of a backflow safety device is essential. Installing it at the cross-connection ensures that at no point will potable and non-potable water mix.

And when backflow occurs, the device cuts the flow of non-potable water into the potable water line. But for this device to provide reliable services, proper installation and testing are essential. Testing will provide a guarantee that your households are consuming clean water. 

Going by the municipal code, annual backflow testing is essential for the health and safety of everyone in the building. But even so, you still need to schedule without getting compelled by these regulations. You need to do it for the safety of everyone who uses potable water from the lines for consumption. It will give you peace of mind knowing the water they’re consuming is clean even when there’s backflow.

The Cost of Having a Broken Backflow Safety Device 

Some people may find it costly to sustain annual backflow testing. But, it’s as important as general plumbing maintenance for your house. Taking into account that your health is at stake, it’s enough reason why you need this service. For instance, in case of backflow and the safety device is faulty, your entire household may get sick. 

Considering the average cost of treating each member until they fully recover, you may incur more costs through medical bills. And if it occurs in a commercial property, it’s even worse. You may spend more on checking whether the water is safe once more for drinking. If you’re not lucky, some of your clients may sue you for negligence. Why should you experience all this suffering yet you can schedule annual backflow testing and avoid them? 

Final Take 

Besides abiding by municipal code, there are several benefits of installing prevention devices for backflow. And whichever device you choose to buy and install, ensure you schedule annual testing to make sure it’s still effective. With the help of experts in Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow, you can buy the best device and safely install it. They’ll do most of the work leaving you with the simple job of deciding the device you prefer. Therefore, call them and schedule an annual backflow testing before they’re fully booked.