Benefits Of A Commercial Grease Trap

Benefits Of A Commercial Grease Trap

A grease trap is a device through which kitchen wastewater flows. It captures all fat, oil, or grease before entering the sewer waste system. There is no doubt that grease is more prevalent in a restaurant’s kitchen.

Grease traps are a legal requirement but many fail to realize the benefits of a commercial grease trap and the advantages that your business can reap. The environment also gains massively from this simple installation. Read on to learn more.

How You and Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Can Benefit from a Grease Trap

  • Improves Your Business’s Public Image

Installing a commercial grease trap is an important selling point for your business as it shows that you are helping the environment and practicing corporate social responsibility. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) pose dual threats, not solely due to their potential pipe and sewage system damage but also their environmental impact when allowed into water bodies. Unchecked FOG that escapes grease traps can seep into streams and rivers, contaminating them and jeopardizing water safety for many.

Moreover, it poses significant hazards to wildlife in these habitats. Without effective commercial grease traps, uncontrolled FOG would flow unabated into water catchment zones, forfeiting opportunities for their repurposing and also forfeiting opportunities for your business to help the environment.

Equally critical is that improper FOG management by businesses could result in hefty fines imposed by the local, state, and federal authorities, and sometimes even business closures. Therefore, with commercial grease traps, your business will serve as environmental guardians, intercepting fats, oils, and grease to prevent them from obstructing the sewage system.

This proactive measure boosts your corporate image and helps avoid overflows as well as the contamination of water bodies in your local area and beyond.

  • Keeps Your Plumbing System Running Efficiently and Smoothly

For any restaurant or food and beverage business, a clogged drain spells absolute disaster! One of the primary economic benefits of a commercial grease trap is the reduction in sewer maintenance and costly repairs. Without a grease trap, warm grease can solidify in your restaurant’s sewer system, leading to blockages and overflows into surrounding areas.

Thus, by installing a commercial grease trap as a highly cost-effective safety measure, you’re saving your business both time and money down the line. Importantly, you can prevent potential temporary closures of your business due to odors or blockages.

In short, commercial grease traps uphold the effectiveness of your plumbing setup, preventing operational interruptions, loss of potential income, and costly future repairs.

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  • Eliminates Backflows

A grease trap’s ultimate advantage to your business is eliminating backflows. Avoiding this issue can save you time and money.

  • Keeps Your Septic Tank in Proper Working Condition

Maintaining the life of your septic tank is important. A grease trap is a significant piece of equipment to keep your septic tank system in good condition.

  • Makes for a Cost-Effective Long-Term Investment

Economically speaking, many grease traps are stainless steel. This allows them to be durable and longer lasting.

  • Saves You Money Through Grease Recycling

Captured grease is actually recyclable! With no wastage, there will be monetary savings.

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