Benefits Of A Commercial Grease Trap

Benefits Of A Commercial Grease Trap

A grease trap is a device through which kitchen wastewater flows. It captures all fat, oil or grease before entering the sewer waste system.  There is no doubt that grease is more prevalent in a restaurant’s kitchen. Grease traps are a legal requirement but many fail to realize the benefits involved and the advantages that your business can reap. The environment also gains massively from this simple installation.
How you and your restaurant’s kitchen can benefit from a grease trap:

– A grease trap’s ultimate advantage to your business is eliminating backflows. Avoiding this issue can save you time and money.

– Improving your business’ public image. Having a grease trap is actually a selling point your business can use to show they are helping the environment.

– Maintaining the life of your septic tank is important. A grease trap is a significant piece of equipment to keep your septic tank system in good condition.

– Economically speaking, many grease traps are stainless steel. This allows them to be durable and longer lasting.

– Captured grease is actually recyclable! With no wastage, there will be monetary savings.

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