Common Causes of a Smelly Shower

Common Causes of a Smelly Shower

Have you perceived a foul smell coming from your shower recently? Well, this article is right for you. On the positive side, a smelly shower is an issue you can fix after identifying the source.

In this article, we’ll cover the common causes of a smelly shower. And with these pieces of information, you can restore the freshness of your bathroom. With that said, the sources include leaky pipes, biofilm buildup, dry p-traps, and drain clogs.

Spotting the Causes of a Smelly Shower

When a stinky smell arises from your shower, the possible source is the shower drain. The first and most important step is identifying the type of foul smell. Once you identify the smell, you can easily pinpoint possible sources.

We’ll address each cause and ways to restore the refreshing smell in the bathroom.

  • Biofilm Buildup

Now, this issue can occur in two different places and cause a bad smell in the shower.

First, biofilm buildup can happen in the shower drain, or the shower promoting an unpleasant odor. For instance, if you perceive a mildew odor, then the cause must be the biofilm buildup in the drain. Luckily, resolving this issue is cheaper and requires less effort.

But what’s a biofilm?

It is slime or muck that grows in the drain and it looks like mold. The biofilm buildup comprises bacterial colonies and their waste. The colony is glued together by a slimy substance that is clingy on various surfaces including the shower and the drain.

  • Dry P-Traps

Dry P-traps are also a potential cause of smelly showers. And in this case, you’ll notice a sewer-like smell from the shower drain. It simply means that the P-traps are not preventing the sewer gasses from getting into your shower.

Further, if the smell is a general odor or mustier, the p-trap is still a potential source of the issue. But in this situation, cleaning will solve the issue.

  • Drain Clogs 

Clogs in the drainage system could be the source of the smelly shower. In anything, it’s one of the common causes, making it a smarter move to consider it first.

Therefore, if you notice a foul smell in the bathroom anytime, start by examining the drain if it’s clogged. When grime buildup combines with stagnant water in the drain, it can exude an awful smell.

And some of the things that could be blocking the drain include small items, sand, dirt, mineral deposits, hair, and soap scum.

  • Leaky Pipes

All the above sources of foul smell are within your reach when it comes to quick fixes.

However, fixing leaky pipes is in the league of experts. Like the above three sources, leaky pipes can lead to smelly showers. And without fixing it, the smell will persist.

Unlike the rest, leaky pipes are serious threats and could lead to further and more expensive damages. And that’s because the leakage allows the awful smelly gasses from the sewer to get into your shower. Oftentimes, the smell is a result of hydrogen sulfide causing a rotten egg smell.

Getting Started: Tackle the Common Causes of a Smelly Shower Today

If cleaning the source isn’t eliminating the bad smell, then a lasting solution is contacting Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow Services. We’re your local plumbing professionals with expertise in fixing smelly showers.

Whether it’s a persistent clog, dry p-traps, leaky pipes, or biofilm buildup, we can fix all the common causes of a smelly shower and more. Through our expertise, we’ll examine and determine the probable cause of the foul smell. Thereafter, we’ll determine an effective solution that will solve that issue. Get in touch with us today.