End Of Year Message From Our President- Paul Shaughnessy

End Of Year Message From Our President- Paul Shaughnessy

As the year winds down and even though Thanksgiving Day has passed, our company and team members have so much to be thankful for. I would like to thank all of our existing customers and clients for a phenomenal 2019. It has been a record year combined with wonderful growth. We’ve been very excited with the continued growth, expansion of customers, and all the new additions to our already fantastic workforce. Thank you to all our wonderful clients in Broward County – all the way up to the Treasure Coast.

Earlier this year in order to better serve our valued customers, we expanded our fleet. The F550 utility truck, with a crane attached to it, is a unique and powerful piece of machinery that offers many benefits to all our customers. The crane has a reach of 15” and a lifting capacity of 4000 lbs. Our company acquired this utility truck to be used in the installation and replacement of domestic and fire line backflow preventers larger than 3”. In addition, the truck will be used to install and replace sanitary lift stations and lift station pumps.

We also added to our employee numbers to be able to better service the increase in our customer base and territory. Our employees are simply amazing!  We do thank all of our employees for their efforts and remarkable work they have done throughout 2019. If you have called us, you may have noticed the phone is always answered with the line ‘how can we make you smile today’. Making you, our valued customers happy is our main objective which won’t be possible without our great staff!

Speaking of great staff, Daniel Rodberg, one of our technicians, was featured in our local news in July of this year. Palm Beach County was struck with a massive water main break, leaving many homeowners and businesses without water. As a result, WPBF 25 News called in local experts from Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow Services for advice. We were elated to have been able to offer advice on such a devastating matter and knowing that our expertise had value was deeply appreciated. Here’s the link to that video news report.

At Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow Services, we always provide a high level of customer service and we are constantly on the lookout for ways to further grow and develop the way in which we offer better services to our customers. For 2020 and beyond, our customers are always going to top our priority. Whether it means acquiring new assets, offering our expertise extensively, or simply giving back to our customers, our team continuously work together to find the right fit and focus! We are pleased with the growth as a company realized in 2019 and we are very excited about everything 2020 holds. We thank everyone for all of their contributions throughout the year and may your holiday season be filled with love and light, time well spent with family and great food! Happy Holidays and cheers to a great year ahead!

An addition to our fleet- A F550 Utility Truck With Crane And 4000 lbs Lifting Capacity