Fall In Love With Your Kitchen This Valentine Day!

Fall In Love With Your Kitchen This Valentine Day!

When you bought your home or moved into your new space, the kitchen probably was a big part of the decision…right? Your kitchen is a place where good meals and great memories are made. Some might even say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Now that you’ve finally gotten the time and/ or the extra cash saved up, that kitchen renovation project that you’ve been wanting to do is right at the top of your list. And what better time to deal with the affairs of the heart than Valentine’s Day! Follow these steps to fall in love with your kitchen again this Valentine’s Day.

The time is finally here! We know how eager you are to get started on your kitchen renovation. You’ve spent quite enough time in the old one and it’s time to spruce things up a little. Out with the old and in with the new! It’s important that you thoroughly plan your kitchen renovation project. The execution is critical in order to get exactly what you desire. That’s where we come in! At Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow Services, we take the time and effort to understand your needs and work along with your chosen vendor, or you (if you are a DIYer) to get the job done right from the start! We have been servicing residential (and commercial) clients in South Florida for the past 27+ years.  Rest assured we have the expertise and manpower to complete your project in a timely manner and make sure it’s as beautiful as you envisioned.

The First Step

Now that you have the extra cash and a vision, it’s time to create. Getting the plumbers involved should be your first step! Why? Because while you might have a great vision of the design element, understanding the functional components of the kitchen is equally important before you begin the project.  Also, hiring an experienced firm allows for permitting considerations and other costs that may be associated with the renovation to be discussed well in advance…in the planning stage…to avoid any pitfalls along the way. Keep in mind, if you hire a kitchen contractor, ultimately they will reach out to us or another plumber to get a bid, if you get us involved before that process, you may also see some savings, not to mention have an advocate to help weigh the pros and cons of function to marry with design/ form.

Functional Component

While it’s fun picking out the most aesthetically pleasing countertop or backsplash, considering the functional components of a kitchen renovation, while not as sexy, is a must! After all, keeping your costs under control will many times free up a little extra for your aesthetic elements.  At Flamingo Plumbing, we offer a full range of plumbing services and specialize in custom kitchen renovations and remodels…the more beautiful the kitchen…the better! Our team is available six days a week and we will even work extended hours for projects if requested.

Permitting Requirements

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen; install pipes, carry out plumbing work, etc. you will need permits. This has to be done before any work is started on the kitchen.  It’s always a great idea to have an experienced plumber in the mix, day one.

Cost Associated

Kitchen renovations can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Prepare a budget and stick to it! It helps if you have an idea of how much you are willing to spend as compared to how much the kitchen you envision will actually cost you. We also recommend to our clients that they prioritize each line item on their budget, that way, an emphasis is placed on getting the necessary functional components covered.  Also, our plumbing advice can save you big if we are involved early on, for example a designer might suggest moving pipes, plumbing, appliances without truly explaining the cost associated with that move of functional components to you. In that example, had you had us involved, we might suggest a different route that achieves a similar outcome, but the savings from having to relocate functional elements of the kitchen could then be returned to you the client or better yet contribute to an even better design.

Why Choose Us?

Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow Services has 27+ years experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing quality service to customers throughout South Florida. We work with discerning clients that are looking for the perfect kitchen renovation and the right plumber for the job. No project is too big or too small.  We’re standing by to assist you in completing your project and helping you fall in love with your kitchen again, this Valentine’s Day!