Plumbing Tips When Leaving Home For Vacation

Plumbing Tips When Leaving Home For Vacation

Summer is finally here so that means a lot of fun and activities are on our calendars. If you are leaving your home this summer to go on a vacation, here are a few plumbing related considerations before you lock-up and leave that can save you a lot of potential headache and money.

1. Find the main shut off water valve and turn if off while you are away
Nothing is more frustrating than having an emergency and not knowing what to do. Knowing where to locate your main water valve and how to operate it is the first step in remedying an emergency until you can call the professionals at Flamingo Plumbing. When you’re on vacation however, the last thing you want to do is to cut it short to tend to a plumbing disaster which could have been avoided. It typically looks like a wheel with spokes that you turn to the right, or a lever that you turn until it is perpendicular with the pipe to which it’s connected. Turn it off and then test it by trying to run water somewhere. If the water does not run, you were successful in shutting off the main valve. By doing this you can avoid major water damage if a plumbing related issue arises while you are away. If you are unable to locate or turn off this device, the technicians at our company can be at your residence in the blink of an eye to assist you with it.

2. Shut off the hot water heater
Water heaters are used to heat water for showers, washing clothes and cleaning dishes. If no one will be left in the house, then there is no need to have this system running. It is advisable to turn off the water heater system if the main water system will be turned off as well. If this system is left on without adequate water supply, it will continue to heat and you run the risk of damaging it. You can also inspect your water heater to see if there are setting options such as ‘low’ or ‘vacation mode’. These options may allow you to keep it on but decreases your energy consumption rate.

3. Check the flapper valve
A flapper valve creates the watertight seal in the tank that hold the water before and after a flush of the toilet. When the flapper is damaged, water runs continuously to refill the tank. If left to run, the leaking water not only damages the physical surrounding area but you will come home to find a water bill that went sky high. If you detect this issue before you leave, be sure to call us at Flamingo Plumbing where fixing these problems is what we do best.

4. Schedule an inspection
With all the planning, taking care of the home and/or children, some homeowners may not have the time, patience or knowledge to inspect every single aspect of their homes for existing or potential plumbing issues. So before you conclude your vacation checklist, be sure to include a thorough inspection by Flamingo Plumbing, where we take on the hassle and provide solutions for you. It is advised that you schedule your inspections at least a few days ahead of your departure for us to have enough time to fix any problems discovered.

We at Flamingo Plumbing want you to thoroughly enjoy your summer vacation without any hiccups or worries. Call us if you need us at (561) 688-2858 and have a happy summer!