Preparing Your Grease Trap for the Summer Rush

Preparing Your Grease Trap for the Summer Rush

As a restaurateur, your flow of business increases in spring and summer as vacation season approaches, making it the perfect time to prepare your grease trap for the summer rush. Restaurant owners, like you, are preparing for peak season with greater customer demand, which means taking care of your establishment’s maintenance to-do list. Your grease trap should top that list! 

As you know your grease trap serves your restaurant by preventing grease and other waste from entering your disposal and causing a clog along with other unwanted problems. Your grease trap works hard for your business and can get worn down making regular cleaning crucial. The problem is grease traps are often overlooked because they aren’t part of your restaurant’s daily deep cleaning protocol. Even so, a well-maintained grease trap helps you provide a clean kitchen environment for your staff and your customers. Get ahead of the summer rush by preparing your restaurant’s grease trap as you get your maintenance to-do list done.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Ensuring your grease trap is clean before the peak season begins helps your kitchen’s “flow” even during the busiest days. While there is no exact schedule recommended for cleaning your great trap, a regular cleaning schedule is a great way to be sure it is properly maintained. Cleaning the grease and oil from the drain reduces the chance of clogs as well as unseemly odors. To ensure proper grease trap cleaning, call on a professional plumber to get the job done.  

Appropriate Grease Trap Preparation

You can avoid grease trap challenges by making certain your employees know what can and cannot go down the drain as well as how to maintain grease traps properly. In many cases clogged drains need cleaning because of carelessness or no knowledge of what can be disposed of via the drain. Training employees in appropriate protocols, as well as posting them near sinks, can help avoid problems. 

Avoiding Emergencies

When grease traps fail to be properly maintained, emergencies can happen due to failure. Restaurant owners who face these types of emergencies cannot accommodate or feed their guests. A clogged grease trap can cause serious problems and are often difficult to repair. Maintaining your restaurant’s grease trap properly can help you avoid an emergency, but should an emergency situation arise, you will want to call on the professionals to help immediately. 

Repairing or servicing a grease trap without the aid of a trained professional is potentially dangerous and can result in considerable damage. If your grease trap appears to be malfunctioning, the first step is to check for any stuck objects. If none are visible, there is likely a large issue. Don’t try to DIY the problem with solvents or wires in an effort to remove the clog. Instead, call on a professional to get the job done safely and correctly and avoid any damages. 

Call on the Professionals 

The professionals at Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow Services have decades of experience and are ready to assist restaurant owners in the greater South Miami area with maintenance and repair of grease traps and more. We promise to eliminate excessive build-up and get your grease trap ready for the summer rush or prepare for a scheduled inspection. Don’t wait until you have a problem or an emergency situation arises and causes you to close temporarily. Take care of your business by ensuring your grease trap is functioning properly. Contact Flamingo Plumbing today for more information.