Signs Your Home Water Line Needs Servicing

Signs Your Home Water Line Needs Servicing

Clean and pure water flowing into your house or apartment is vital. You need it for cooking, clean up and many other household uses. Therefore, it’s impossible to do without water at any given moment knowing the essential role it plays.

During the installation, water lines are meant to last due to the durable material and quality installation. But even so, there are external factors beyond our control that can damage the waterline. These include the likes of tree roots, age of the line, corrosion, natural calamities like earthquakes, among others. 

However, identifying the signs your home water line needs servicing isn’t easy. It’s a bit tricky, but with the following tips, you will be able to tell when to call a plumber

  1.     Higher Water Bill

After paying utilities for things like water and electricity, you will notice a certain trend. You will realize your water bill sticks to a given range and never deviates from it. However, when there is a drastic increase in water bills all of a sudden, then there must be a critical reason. Unless people in your household have doubled, there could be a potential leak along the waterline. 

  1.     Discolored Water

Discolored water is an apparent sign that your water line needs repair. It could be a leak that allows the sediments to get into your water line system and discolor water. Or it might be pipe corrosion and rust that turns your water brown. With such signs, you need a plumber right away since this is also a health concern. 

  1.     Dropping Water Pressure

And when the water pressure drops drastically or steadily reduces, you should begin to worry. The cause might be blockage along the line or pipe burst. Sometimes, it could be a tree root that has found its way into your water line system. Therefore, the cause of dropping water pressure can be a lot of things, but it all leads to the waterline. 

  1.     Soggy Lawn

During rainy days, it’s normal for your lawn to be soggy. However, it raises concern when you notice the lawn is soggy when there is no rain. And the potential cause could be a burst or leaking water line. Also, there could be a problem with your sewer system. But you will notice this if there is a foul smell. So, if your lawn is soggy, there is no rain, and no foul smell,   it must be a leakage. 

  1.     Cracking Foundation 

If the leakage from your water line has been there for some time, then cracking of the foundation is imminent. And if you notice this, it’s a sign that you need emergency plumbing. Any delay would lead to greater damages that will cost you a lot. 

  1.     Gurgling Sounds

The plumbing system is built to be silent and unnoticeable. So, any gurgling sound that emanates from your plumbing line is a sign of a problem. It could be a leakage or a blockage of the waterline. And as such, you must address it. Further, it could involve multiple water lines if the sound is louder. 


Understanding the significance of clean water running in your home, any kind of leak could be a potential hazard. While some water leaks appear like an easy DIY fix, they might not be the only cause of the leak. As such, you need Professional Plumbers who will diagnose your entire home water line and identify all the leaks. 

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