What to Know About Hydro Jetting

What to Know About Hydro Jetting

It’s frustrating to deal with recurring clogs. They cost a lot of money and can become a source of serious health conditions. At home, they can make your surroundings inhospitable. And in the business facility, the awful smell can deter potential clients. But what can you do to end this problem once for all? The answer is employing hydro jetting services.

What’s Hydro Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a plumbing solution that uses a pressurized water jet to clear slow drain and blockage. It’s non-invasive and works effectively in dislodging clogs and debris along the pipes. 

Initially, using a snake rod was the popular and most effective means of unclogging the drainage system, but that has changed, now the popular solution is hydro jetting. It’s more precise, flexible, and works faster. 

How Does it Work?

It starts with a quick inspection of your drainage system after you contact the plumbing service. Through the inspection, they’ll determine the best entry point for the water jet. The pressurized water will then force out the blocking material enabling the flow of the sewage. 

While it sounds like an easy task, it’s not that simple. There’s more to it than inserting the horse into the clogged pipe and firing water. Any wrong move during this process and you may end up damaging the drainage pipes. The repairs costs from such damage can be pretty huge. Therefore, it’s better to leave this for the professionals. They have all the right tools and expertise for this job. 

Can You Use Hydro Jetting on Root Blockages?

There are times when the culprit behind the drainage clog is your favorite tree in the garden. Its roots can penetrate the pipe and clog the drainage system. Luckily, hydro jetting is also effective when dealing with tree roots blockage. First, the plumber will assess the extent of damage caused by the roots. If it’s minimal, then he will use hydro jetting to remove it. 

When Do You Need It?

There are times that severe clogs keep recurring even after several attempts of unblocking. If you experience this, it means you need to bring on board hydro jetting as the solution. Sometimes the cause of blockage is the accumulation of minerals, grease, and debris. 

In some cases, scales are present as well. With such issues, traditional methods like snake pipe rods aren’t effective. It’s only the power of a hydro jet that can dislodge these clogs. The water pressure will scrub off the build-up leaving the entire pipe clean. 

Common indicators that your plumbing system needs this solution are recurring clogs, stinking kitchen, toilet backflows. Therefore, if you notice any of these signs, call the plumber. 

Risks of Using Hydro Jetting 

To most people, hydro jetting seems like a simple job for the novice, but it’s not. It needs experts with the experience to carry out these services. And when someone rushes into using it without prior experience, they may cause extensive damages to the draining system. 

Also, different situations require different approaches. And this is something that only experts can assess and tell. Therefore, stick to using professionals and avoid unnecessary experiments that may cost you more through damage repairs. 

Final Take 

Now that you have basic knowledge of hydro jetting, will you give it a try? This would be the best move if you want to avoid damage to the drainage system. It also saves you time since the process takes less time than traditional solutions. Lastly, do you have questions about hydro jetting that need professional answers? Well, contact Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow for consultation services, among others.