Grease Trap

Hydro Jetting

If, while servicing your grease traps, we see the need for your grease lines to be jetted, our technicians will...

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Pumping / Maintenance

The precise requirements for maintenance are not possible to define since conditions at each installation vary...

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Bioclean & Lab Testing

We offer both biocleaning and lab testing services for your grease trap. If either service is needed, you can...

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Grease Trap Hydro Jetting

After you have provided maintenance on your grease trap and still experiencing back-ups within your plumbing, they often need to have the grease lines hydro jetted. Hydro Jetting, as the name suggests, uses a stream of water to clean the pipes. Hydro jetting up the line will break down any blockage that is causing back-ups. 

While servicing our grease traps, we see the need for your lines to be jetted; our technicians will reach out to you about the cost of hydro jetting. When you trust your grease trap cleaning to Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow Services, it comes with a 100% guarantee.

Pump Truck

Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow Services has a fleet of Pump Trucks ready to service your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. If your grease trap is coming up on its every-3-month pumping and cleaning, call us. If you haven’t kept up with the standard, every-3-month cleaning, then you really should contact us.

If your looking for Large Building Hydro Jetting: CLICK HERE

Pumping & Maintenance

Even the best-designed grease traps, properly installed, will fail if they are not maintained. Keeping a well-maintained grease trap can decrease backups in lines. Typically, as per code, maintenance must be performed bi-annually or quarterly, depending on the size of your grease trap. Maintaining a clean grease trap is dependent on how much wastewater and grease has accumulated over time.

Our services with pump-outs aren’t limited to just removing the grease on top of the wastewater. Our pump truck pulls all contents of the grease trap. In addition, we also power wash up the lines to get any remaining grease or waste that could be blocking the pipes.  Without power washing up the lines, you could see backups in sinks, toilets, and kitchens.

Bioclean & Lab Testing

Depending on the last time you had your grease trap pumped out might lead to build up and harden grease. Harden grease can cause difficulties to pump out if the grease is setting over the wastewater. We recommend as an additional service to have our technician use bio-clean that breaks down the grease and allows the maintenance. 

We also include lab testing if your municipality requests you to provide a passing maintained grease trap. Lab testing is required by your municipality, depending on the cleanliness of your grease trap. When Lab testing is involved, we recommend hydro jetting and bio-clean to guarantee passing results. If failing results get reported to your municipalities can lead to high fines and possibly shut down services.

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