4 Common Hot Water Heater Noises and How To Fix Them

4 Common Hot Water Heater Noises and How To Fix Them

Water heater usage may skyrocket during winter, but they serve many purposes year-round. As a result, they require periodic maintenance to ensure proper functionality.

It’s not common for water heaters to make strange noises unless there is something wrong. So if yours has started producing certain types of hot water heater noises that you think are not normal, it’s best to immediately call for help.

Knowing what type of noise a malfunctioning water heater creates can help you determine the problem to a certain extent. That said, if you are looking to take better care of your water heater, here are 4 common water heater noises that you should be aware of and some tips on how to fix them.

Ticking Sounds

It can be alarming to hear ticking sounds from any appliance. While it may feel like you are patiently waiting for a bomb to explode, ticking sounds from a water heater are actually quite common.

The ticking sounds you hear can be caused by sudden changes in the water pressure in your pipes. If you hear any ticking sounds coming from your water heater, you can fix it by adjusting its pressure level. Look for the pressure-reducing valve on the back and adjust it until you no longer hear the ticks.

Banging Noise

Another common noise you may hear from a faulty water heater is banging sounds. These sounds are usually caused by excess sediment build-up. If there is enough sediment accumulation in your heater, it will react with the heating element and cause those little explosions you hear.

Though it may sound alarming to many, it could turn into a serious problem if not taken care of. The best method to resolve this issue is by draining your water heater’s tank at least twice a year.

If you have a tankless water heater, your unit might be experiencing a water hammer. A water hammer is when the water suddenly floods back through the pipes.

Crackling and Hissing

Crackling and hissing sounds are usually common in electricity-powered heaters. These noises appear out of nowhere and can catch you off guard if you are not aware of what causes them. They usually go away after a few minutes, however, if that’s not the case with you, then your unit may have a problem with the heating element.

This could be a serious problem and you would need to call for a professional inspection. On the other hand, if your water heater is powered by gas or oil, the moisture build-up can be the one causing the crackling sound. The best solution in this case is to call a technician and have them check it for you to avoid possible issues down the line.

Loud Screeching

The high-pitched sound that can be heard from a water heater indicates that there is a problem with the valves. Screeching is a result of loose valves releasing air from the tank of your water heater. You can resolve this issue by checking all your pressure-releasing valves.

Be sure to also take a look at your temperature valves and the inlet/outlet valves as well. Adjust them to a level where you can no longer hear screeching or whistling noises. If you don’t know how to properly adjust the valves, you can seek a professional to give you a demo of the process.

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