Common Causes of Water Leaks

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Water leaks are potential nightmares for homeowners. ‘Cause they know behind this sneaky problem, there might be a bigger surprise.

As a result, most owners ignore the water leaks because they don’t want to poke and uncover a bigger challenge. However, finding greater issues is not always the case.

More often, it saves you a lot of cash on damages if you can fix the leak earlier. The leak could lead to mega mold damages on your building structure or lead to bigger cracks that need extensive repairs. That said, here are the common causes of water leaks, plus the best solution for all of them.

Quick Temperature Change

Rapid temperature fluctuations negatively affect the pipe form.  Due to the instant contraction and expansion, the pipe may crack developing weak points where the water leaks through. It’s even worse if the cause is freeze and thaw. Therefore, be vigilant with your plumbing performance because this cause can lead to greater leaks.

Loose Connectors

Constant use of pipes that supply various appliances in your house with water makes them loose. As a result, leakages develop. For instance, a washing machine tends to vibrate when washing clothes. As a result of this motion, it loosens up the connection with the inlet pipe supplying water. the signs include pools of water surrounding the appliance.

Intruding Roots

Root intrusion is among the common causes of water leaks. The overgrown roots can bend and force the pipes in your lawn to crack and leak water. so, if there is a drastic drop in water pressure, and you have a tree on your lawn, call a plumber. They will help you check if it’s the cause of the water pressure drop.

Pressure Strain on Pipes

High pressure in your water line system is something to celebrate. However, excessive pressure is a strain on pipes and can lead to damage. And if your pipes are old, then the chances of water leaks are higher. Call a plumber to test the water pressure for safety.

Pipe Joints with Damages

In water lines serving your home, the joints are the weakest areas. They can deteriorate and loosen allowing water to leak. But since these joints are often hidden, the possible signs are gurgling or banging sounds when you open a tap. So, call a plumber annually for an evaluation or if you notice these signs, call them immediately.


This is a test of time on your waterline. It’s common for aged pipes to have corrosion after years or decades of service. As a result of the corrosion, the pipes weaken and allow water leaks. The signs include discolored water and metallic taste.

Broken Seals

Appliances usually come with seals that guarantee their integrity. These seals are common on water inlet or outlet points of the appliance. But due to continuous use and wear and tear, the seal weakens, cracks, and breaks.

As a result, water leaks out through the weak points. The sign includes water pools surrounding the base of the appliance. So, get a new seal if you notice this, or call a plumber to help you with proper installation.

Get Help with the Common Causes of Water Leaks Today

Have you noticed any of these common causes of water leaks at your home or business place? Contact plumbing services for help in repairing these issues and restoring your water line integrity.

Potential signs of leakage include a musty smell, discolored water, higher water bill, and low water flow. And with a helping hand like Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow Services, all the hidden water leaks will be detected and fixed. Call now and book an appointment with our expert team.