When is it Time to Clean a Grease Trap?

When is it Time to Clean a Grease Trap?

When is it time to clean a grease trap? This is a frequently asked question by both homeowners and restaurant owners. While you don’t have to worry about legal consequences when cleaning at home, the restaurant situation is different. Grease traps that are over a quarter full can attract legal repercussions.

Even worse, grease traps account for a significant number of restaurants caught on fire each year. Therefore, to avoid all these losses at home or in your restaurant, it’s important to clean up the grease trap. And here is how to note when it’s time for that:

25% or 1/4th cleanup rule

A great rule to ensure your grease traps are in good shape is scheduling their cleanup after 1-3 months. While this can work perfectly in a domestic situation, the restaurant grease trap may overfill faster. As such, you need the ¼ thumb rule to ensure you don’t face legal repercussions.

With this rule, it means you have to examine your grease traps regularly to ensure they are less than ¼. If it’s over, it means FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease) have reached their limit.

However, if you notice your home or restaurant grease trap is filling up too quickly, you need an upgrade. Call a plumbing service to help you size up the grease trap. This should reduce the frequency of cleanup and ensure your drainage system functions optimally.

Signs that you need to clean up the Grease Trap

Slow-moving Drainage

When your sink clogs or begins to flow slowly, it may be time to clean up the grease trap. This is a sign that many plumbing experts agree with. And this is because the FOG in the grease trap can start solidifying and clog the sink drain.

Foul Smell around the Kitchen

When an unexplainable stench starts to dominate your kitchen, this could be a sign that your grease trap is full. Such smells never fade off even after cleaning the entire kitchen and disposing of the garbage. So, inspect your grease trap and sniff from a safe distance to be certain it’s the cause.

FOG is Over 25%

At this level, you may be violating your building code if it’s a residential area. And if it’s a restaurant, you are attracting penalties from health inspectors. Therefore, if you notice the grease trap is more than ¼ full, call the plumbing company to clean it.

It’s Been Long

When last did you clean up or call a plumbing service to clear your grease trap? If it’s been long, then you should schedule this service right away. For instance, if it has been more than 90 days, then you need to clean it up. Also, if the grease trap is more than a quarter full after inspection, call the cleaning team. Thus, always inspect the grease trap regularly to avoid accumulating excess FOG.

Getting Started

Cleaning your Grease Trap can be a messy job, whether it’s at home or a restaurant. It’s even more challenging if you’ve not been cleaning it for quite some time. But even so, it’s not an impossible task. If you find this task too much for you, leave it for professionals. Contact a plumbing company like Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow to help you clean it up thoroughly.

Also, you can take advantage of your appointment by scheduling a plumbing inspection to ensure everything is in good shape. Sometimes the clogging of your sinks may be due to other plumbing issues. Lastly, stick with the 25% or a quarter rule in maintaining your grease traps clean and healthy. For more information, contact Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow today