Contaminants in Delray Beaches Water System

Contaminants in Delray Beaches Water System

When it comes to drinking water, it is vital to ensure the water source is safe to drink. If not, it is possible to get sick from contaminants. The recent controversy over the water supply in Delray Beach, Florida has sparked concern for many residents.

On the Delray Beach website, it is stated that the drinking water in the city is safe for residents. However, in recent events, some residents have complained about brown water and are sick from the water supply. Read on to learn about the issues surrounding water contaminants in Delray beaches, including the absence of backflow preventers and the health and safety risks that arose.

What Is Happening to the Water Supply?

Aside from the regular water system, the water supply in Delray Beach also utilizes a reclaimed water system that is partially treated wastewater. This water is meant for irrigation only and is used to water lawns. Somehow, the reclaimed water lines got connected with the city’s drinking supply which has caused issues as most residential and commercial properties do not have backflow preventers.

Why Are Backflow Preventers Missing in Delray Beach, Florida?

Once contamination of the water supplies in Delray occurred, an investigation was underway. Investigators uncovered hundreds of reclaimed water users in Delray did not have the backflow preventers. Since many might have been drinking the pollutants from irrigation water, the situation had to be handled quickly.

When the backflow preventers were deemed missing from many homes and businesses, the idea of why pointed towards independent contractors over the past decades. The knowledge of backflow preventers requiring replacement every five years was also a regulatory oversight.

To add to the issue, there was also no documentation of where or when any of the backflow preventers were installed or maintained. As a result of not complying with regulations, the city is facing multiple violations. With multiple people being impacted by this situation city-wide, it is essential to understand why backflow preventers are important.

Importance of Backflow Preventers in Guarding Against Water Contaminants in Delray Beaches

When you drink out of a regular water supply, you expect the water to be clean and safe. The cleanliness of water is compromised if the drinking water becomes contaminated through contact with another supply of water unintended for drinking.

Backflow can cause the flow of non-water drinkable sources to build up and potentially contaminate the water supply. When a water supply is moving towards the main water line, it is supposed to move through a water treatment center. But in certain situations, changes in pressure result in water moving the opposite of where it is supposed to go and causing contamination.

Backflow can be prevented through the installation of a backflow preventer. A backflow preventer ensures that non-drinkable water does not contaminate a drinkable water supply. What is happening in Delray Beach is most residential and commercial properties are realizing they do not have backflow preventers installed.

This is causing contaminated water to appear in the regular water supply making people sick. Backflow preventers prevent contaminated water from making people sick and fight against pollutants and parasites. For commercial building owners, it is their responsibility to maintain the water source and ensure backflow preventers are installed.

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