Preparing Your Grease Trap for Summer Dining

Preparing Your Grease Trap for Summer Dining

As restaurants begin to see a flow of more business with more people wandering outside their homes, summer is the perfect time to prepare your grease trap. With vacations taking place, people love to go out and eat over the summer. Restaurant owners must be prepared to deal with the demand of customers during peak season. When composing a to-do list for your restaurant’s maintenance items, do not forget to add the grease trap. Grease traps are appliances in restaurants and prevent grease and other waste from entering into the disposal. It is common for grease traps to get worn down from excessive use. An excessively worn grease trap, can result in waste entering into the disposal and lead to clogging.

Grease trap maintenance is often overlooked since it is not commonly deep cleaned on a daily basis. However, a well-maintained grease trap is essential to provide a clean kitchen. Be one step ahead and prepare your restaurant’s grease trap for the summer crowd.

Cleaning Your Grease Trap

Before your restaurant gets too busy, cleaning your grease trap before peak seasons can assist in ensuring a well-flowing kitchen. There is no exact timeframe on when you need to clean your grease trap, but having a scheduled cleaning is a simple way to ensure proper maintenance. Removing the grease and oil from the drain can result in a less likely chance of blockage or odor. Calling a professional to assist in the process can ensure proper cleaning.

Proper Grease Trap Practices

To avoid the difficult cleaning procedure, ensure your employers are aware of how to maintain grease traps, including what can and cannot go down the drain. Oftentimes, cleaning clogged drains can occur due to carelessness or lack of knowledge of what can be disposed of down drains. Ensuring protocols are properly communicated and listed by sinks can assist in employee training.

Preparing for Emergencies

If grease traps are not properly maintained, emergencies can occur due to malfunction. The last situation restaurant owners want to find themselves in is not being able to feed or accommodate their guests. When grease traps get clogged, they can be difficult to repair and cause severe issues. To avoid an emergency from occurring, maintain your grease trap properly. When an emergency situation appears, call professionals immediately to assist in dealing with the maintenance.

Grease Trap Services

Fixing a grease trap without a professional can lead to continuous damage and can be potentially dangerous. When checking to see if your grease trap is malfunctioning, see if there is a stuck object. If there is not, then you likely have a bigger issue to deal with. Avoid do-it-yourself tactics at all costs, including pouring in solvents. Also, avoid trying to stick a wire down into the grease trap to get it unclogged. As mentioned it can cause issues that will lead to more expensive fixes.

At Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow Services, we have decades of expansive experience. Flamingo Plumbing can assist those in the greater South Miami area to fix and maintain grease traps. When it comes to maintaining your grease trap, we will eliminate excessive build-up and get your grease trap ready for the summer crowd. If you have a scheduled inspection occurring soon, Flamingo Plumbing can assist in helping you pass the tests. Do not wait until an emergency situation arises to get your grease trap properly checked out and maintained. Emergencies due to grease traps can lead to your business shutting down temporarily. Take care of your business by ensuring your grease trap is functioning properly. Contact Flamingo Plumbing today for more information.