Summer Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist

As summer approaches, there are plenty of ways to prepare for the season. For some people, summer is a great time to deep clean the entire house, and for others, summer is the perfect opportunity to take a trip. Generally, deep cleaning tasks can consist of cleaning the gutters or clearing out the basement. There are also more regular to-do items that must be done more frequently, such as watering the garden and prepping for the heat waves. However, when preparing a deep cleaning and maintenance checklist, do not forget to add checking the plumbing to the list. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to check for potential items that need to be maintained since it is warmer outdoors. Here are some summer plumbing maintenance items to add to your summer maintenance list:

Check Your Water Supply Access

Knowing where your main water supply is located is vital. Most homeowners might not bother noting where it is and will leave it to the experts to deal with when needed. However, in case of a plumbing emergency, it is imperative to know where your water supply is located. Ensuring there is a clear route leading to your water supply can decrease potential damage. Furthermore, if you plan on traveling this summer, turning off your water supply can avoid potential leakage in your absence. The last situation you want to come home to is a flooded home.

Test Your Sprinklers

As summer continues, adequate sprinklers are important if you have a garden or a lawn, sprinklers, as they assist in providing water during a heatwave. Do not let your plants dry up, test and inspect your sprinklers to ensure they are working correctly. If a repair needs to be made, do it as soon as possible to avoid any further issues from occurring. Plus, sprinklers are a nice way for kids to cool off on a hot summer day and can be loads of fun to run through.

Check Your Pool Pump

A pool is used more during the summer and needs maintenance regularly. Some maintenance is easy to handle, like simply removing debris, filling it more with water, and adding special cleaning supplies to it. However, there are also pool pump filters and motors that are important to remember. Checking these at the start of the season can avoid a larger issue later, causing them to be unusable for some time in peak season. Jumping into the pool on a warm summer day is refreshing, ensure yours is properly ready for the summer festivities.

Repair Your Garden

During the summer, keeping up with a garden is vital. If you do not care for your plants then they are at risk for drying out. Checking your pump and housing to make sure they are working properly can allow you to keep your plants growing without a problem. If you have any garden add-ons, such as a fountain, check the piping for leaks.

Check Indoor Pipes

If you do not already inspect your pipes regularly then summer is the perfect time to get started. Make a list of every pipeline area in your home. Take a look around at all your pipes and check to see if there is any rust or discoloration. If not, you are good to go. In the case that there is, you will need to call in experts to uncover and repair the issues.

Flaming Plumbing

If you are having a plumbing issue, call Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow for your South Florida residence. With decades of extensive experience, their professional team can handle and repair a multitude of plumbing issues. Kick-off your summer right and enjoy your time away. Call today for more information.