How to Know if You Have a Plumbing Problem

How to Know if You Have a Plumbing Problem

Like most maintenance items, plumbing issues can surprise home and commercial owners. Identifying a plumbing issue before it becomes an emergency can be vital to reducing the risks of damage to your home or business.

But how do you know if you have a plumbing problem? Here are warning signs of a potential plumbing issue.

Higher Water Bills

If there is any sign that indicates a plumbing problem is occurring, it is an increase in the water bill. Residential and commercial owners are more likely to determine a potential water issue if their bill significantly increases unexpectedly. If residents and businesses have not been using more water recently, an increased water bill means it is time to call a professional for help.

A professional can assist in finding the potential plumbing issue and making the repairs before the problem gets out of hand.

Low Water Flow

Low-pressure water flow is a sign of a plumbing issue. If the low water pressure occurs in only one area of the home or business, it is likely an easy repair. However, multiple low-water pressure areas in many parts of your home or business can indicate a bigger problem. If you notice low water pressure in one or more areas, it is vital to call a professional immediately before the minor issue escalates to major.

Drainage Problems

A clogged drain is often a sign of a bigger plumbing issue. This issue can be easily solvable by home or commercial building owners. Most homeowners can fix slow drainage through simple do-it-yourself tactics. However, if the slow drainage continues, another issue might be present that is blocking the sewer line. Call on the professionals to resolve drainage issues in your home or business.

Water Issues in the Winter

Though not often an issue in South Florida, sometimes during winter, water pressure can alter due to pipes freezing over or rapidly dropping temperatures. This can be a common issue if pipelines run through unheated areas such as attics and crawlspaces. If pipes are not properly insulated, bigger issues, like leakages can result.

Sewer Odor

A sewer smell can indicate there is something wrong with your pipes. A strong odor can make its way through your home vents and cause odors to permeate your home or business. In plumbing, drains need traps, and traps need vents to prevent sewer odors from entering your home or office. If you smell a strong odor, this can mean that there is a crack in a vent and professional plumbers are needed to resolve the problem.

Discolored Pipes

Most homeowners and business owners do not often check pipes regularly. However, your pipes should be regularly checked every few weeks or months. The next time you find yourself in your basement or looking under your sink, observe for discoloration. If you see discoloration on your pipes, do not ignore it, as it can indicate something wrong with your water supply line, such as a leak, which can quickly turn into a massive mess.

With the help of these tips, you will learn how to know if you have a plumbing problem.

Professional Plumbers

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