Preparing Your Plumbing for Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Plumbing for Hurricane Season

It is hurricane season, and the time is here to prepare your plumbing. To avoid potential damage to your pipes and home, get a head start in the preparation process before a storm hits.

Look for Tree Roots

Tree roots are often overlooked when it is time to check pipes. Roots can wrap around your pipes and cause corrosion. When a storm occurs, a tree can fall, leading to more damage. Choosing to identify potential root issues ahead of time can lead to a less messy impact when storms since preventative action was taken.

Remove Debris From Gutters

Ensuring gutters are completely free of leaves and debris can make way for better water flowage. During a storm, water must flow properly to protect your home. Gutters should also be securely attached and tightened.

Look Inside Your Drains

Do your drains need to be unclogged? A simple way to avoid clogs and potential backups are by clearing drains. You can easily check by running your water. Within a few seconds, water should run smoothly down the drain. If it does not, this might indicate it is time to unclog your drains. Clogged drains can escalate issues when a storm occurs.

Locating the Main Water Pipe

Whether you are traveling on vacation or staying home, it is essential to know where your main water pipes are located. During an emergency, you want to turn off the main water line right away. Acting quickly can avoid flooding in your home and protect your pipes from damage. Before you travel, it is also a good idea to turn off your water pipes to avoid accidents from occurring when you are away. Generally, main water lines can be found in a garage, utility space, or an outdoor wall. Main water lines will have a knob and are easy to identify.

Water Heater Maintenance

When a storm hits, you want to secure your water heater while also shutting off the electricity. These actions will prevent gas leaks or the possibility of contaminated water. A water heater is also a great area to receive water in the case water it is not available during a storm.

Sump Pumps

If you have any valuable items stored in a basement or lower level, consider moving them to a higher level at the start of hurricane season. Places to move them to include shelves or even attics. Anywhere you can manage to find that is at a greater height is better than ground level. The last situation you want to find yourself in is being too late to secure your items before the storm. If your home or building does not have a sump pump, it is a good idea to get one installed. Sump pumps remove water which enters your basement, thus reducing floods and backups which can damage your home.

Post-Storm Check

If you adequately prepare for the storm, you will have nothing to worry about once it is over. To ensure there is no damage check both indoor and outdoor pipes after the storm. Check the gutters to be sure there is no debris, as well as the walls or pipes for cracks, drains, and faucets for clean water.

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