Proper Water Heater Care

Proper Water Heater Care

The water heater is one of the most reliable yet overworking appliances in a house. It provides instant hot water whenever we need it for various purposes. Considering this critical role it plays, any sort of failure is enough to cause frustration to the entire household.  

And the situation could be even worse if you are leaving in a region with below freezing temperature.  But, with the following proper water heater care tips, you can enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your heater. Let’s start: 

Replacing the Inlet and Outlet Made of Plastic 

Often, the geyser comes with a fitted plastic inlet and outlet. While they are heat resistant, they are not as durable as their metal counterparts. In other words, you should exchange the plastic outlet and inlet with metallic ones to enhance durability. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the joint. If you notice a whitish deposit, then it’s a sign of rust developing on the joint. Alternatively, the cause could be as a result of hard water. 

Examine the Pressure Relief Valve

At least dedicate a few minutes annually to inspect the pressure relief valve and determine if there’s any fault. Reliving the pressure severally through the valve is enough for a general inspection. From this action, you will be able to note if the valve is faulty. In case of leakages, call a professional plumber. Leakages can lead to greater damages beyond what can be fixed. 

Lower Temperature settings 

Lowering the temperature setting is one of the ways you can care for your water heater and enhance its lifespan. With a lower temperature setting, the water heater can attain the limit temperature quicker. On the other hand, the geyser rate of work will also reduce, and the result is a longer lifespan.

Annual Maintenance

Annually, your water heater deserves general maintenance to enable it to perform efficiently. This maintenance must address everything from the inlet, outlet, and internal mechanism of the heater. Also, you must flush out sediments during this time to ensure none is left to hamper its performance. To get this done right, hire professional plumbers. 

Switch On the Geyser When Needed

Most people leave the geyser on to get instant water when they need it, especially throughout the night. However, this can negatively affect the lifespan of this appliance. While this could work traditionally if you want to save time, it no longer applies today. 

Nowadays, geysers have been upgraded. As a result, they only need 5 minutes to heat the water. And when you leave it on overnight, you are reducing the lifespan by overworking it for no reason. 

Examine the Anode Rod for Corrosion  

Bigger water heaters come with an anode that prevents corrosion of the tank internally. The rod works by attracting impurities towards it. As a result, it’s corroded instead of the tank. According to experts, the rod needs a replacement after 3 years. However, it’s important to inspect it annually to check if the magnesium has been eroded and the inner core can be seen. If the steel core is visible, then the rode must be replaced.

Final Take 

A broken water heater can cause more than an inconvenience. And going by Murphy’s Law, anything with a potential to break is bound to break. As such, proper water heater care is critical if you want to maintain the convenience of this appliance. 

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