Silent Plumbing Issues

Silent Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can pop up in all sorts of ways. While some are obvious, like a toilet overflow, faucet leakage, or sewer blockage, there are mysterious issues. In some cases, you may never notice them until a drastic plumbing issue becomes the result. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are silent plumbing issues that require keen observation to identify earlier before it’s too late: 

Densely Green Patches of Grass

Despite the current weather, the grass in your front and backyard should have a uniform color and growth. Therefore if you notice densely green patches of grass isolated in one area, it’s a sign of silent plumbing issues. It can be leakage or collapse of the drain pipe in that area. If left unrepaired, it can generate extensive damages worth more. 

Paint Peels or Bubbles on the Wall

If you notice this where your home plumbing system passes through, then it’s a reason to worry. Often, it’s a signal that there’s excess moisture in the wall as a result of plumbing leakage. 

Sewer Odor

Can you perceive a sewer-like odor in your living area or around the house? If it has a sulfur odor, then there’s a plumbing issue. It’s either the drainage pipes are clogged or the venting pipes are in a mess. The drainage system in the house always has vent traps in specific sections. 

And every trap often has a vent for the foul smell to escape through. As a result, your home is left clean without odors. However, if sewer odor begins to develop in the house, the problem can either be vent pipes or drainage traps. 

Discolored Pipes

When there’s a leak in the plumbing system that’s invisible, the potential result is discolored pipes. Excess moisture in the air promotes metal pipes corrosion which ends up losing its original color. The cause, in this case, can be anything from sink drips, to supply line or drainage line leakage. 

If the damage is in the supply line, it can turn disastrous within a short time. And this is because of the pressurized water channeled through it. Therefore, you should consult a plumber immediately you notice this problem. 

A Drastic Change in the Water Bill

This is where your household consumption of water remains constant but the bill keeps on increasing. Depending on the size of the damage on the supply pipes, the bill can hit a record high instantly. Therefore, if you notice this, the higher bill may be as a result of leakage wasting the water. But examine all the taps and toilets in the house first if they are running endlessly before calling a plumber.

Slow Drainage

It’s common to find many people mistaking slow drainage for a minor plumbing issue. If it’s the sink, some people will claim it’s their hair jamming this fixture. While this can be true, if it simultaneously occurs in other sinks, then it might be a serious plumbing issue. 

Slow Water Supply

Slow water supply is a potential indicator when there’s a plumbing issue along the distribution channel. If it’s occurring in a specific location, let’s say the kitchen, then resolving it is easier.  

However, if it’s occurring throughout the house, it can be a serious plumbing issue. You can begin examining the water heater, main water line, and supply lines across the house. Thereafter, call professional plumbers to fix the issue.

Final Take 

If you notice any of these silent plumbing issues, then you need assistance from a trustworthy plumbing services company. As a resident of West Palm Beach and Palm City Florida, you are lucky. ‘Cause Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow is at your disposal. 

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