Show Your Bathroom Some Love With A Remodel

Show Your Bathroom Some Love With A Remodel

For most people, the bathroom is perhaps the smallest room in their home, that is often under-rated. You might be surprised to know that the average person goes to the bathroom five to seven times a day and the minutes spent can vary, so the average time spent would be about three months over one’s lifetime. So if you’re going to spend ninety days in the bathroom, why not let it be in comfort? If you are staring at bland walls, outdated fittings and a less than attractive shower space, then you are in dire need of a bathroom remodeling!

As much as you may be in a hurry to pick out the most attractive title and shiniest shower head, you should get your plumber involved in the planning stages from the very beginning. It is important to consider the functional components throughout a remodel- which is what Flamingo Plumbing does best! We would advise you to call us instead of a general contractor since we can give you our suggestions and pricing for the plumbing aspects of your project. If you are in the middle of a remodel now, it may not be too late to switch to us. Just ask your general contractor if you are so inclined.

A remodel, depending on your needs and preferences can be costly but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Our advice is to prepare a budget and stick to it! We also recommend to our clients that they prioritize each line item on their budget, that way, an emphasis is placed on getting the necessary functional components covered. You can also save time and money by having us in the conversation from the start to avoid any do overs as your designer may not have considered certain plumbing related aspects as it is our job to do anyways.

In the modern age of YouTube, most people may think it’s a good idea to DIY their bathroom renovation. If this was your intention before reading this article, we are kindly asking that you desist from doing so. It would be in your best interest to hire a professional, licensed and insured plumber for the job. If pipes are not connected and glued properly and the right equipment is not used for the job, many things can go wrong.  A lot of homeowners often don’t realize that any work that isn’t done by a licensed plumber is illegal and therefore not covered by insurance. This can turn into a real nightmare if something breaks and a massive leak damages your home.

When you are ready to show a little love to your bathroom with a remodel, be sure to contact South Florida’s trusted plumbing company, Flamingo Plumbing and Backflow Services. We have been sprucing up bathrooms (and kitchens) since 1992 and would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers! Our team at Flamingo Plumbing has the expertise and latest equipment to satisfy all of your plumbing remodel needs. We offer 24/7 emergency services and no job is too big or too small! We would love for you to give us a call to get a quote this Valentine’s Day!