Are You A Snowbird Getting Ready To Head Back North?

Are You A Snowbird Getting Ready To Head Back North?

Are you a snowbird getting ready to head back North? With your departure  comes vacant homes and condos and we want to ensure you are doing everything right when leaving your vacation home. Here are a few tips for preparing your vacation home before leaving Florida

Protect your plumbing

  • If your home will be empty for a while, ensure you turn off your water supply to the entire house or non-vital sections. However, if your home has a fire sprinkler system, you’ll need to leave water on. It’s advisable to have someone check in from time to time to turn off water to washing machines, toilets, sinks, and dish washers.
  • Turn off all faucets. Turn off your washing machine’s water supply and the water supply lines for each of your toilets. We also advise you to call a professional to check for leaks at the same time.
  • Seal off your toilet bowls, toilet tanks, sinks and floor drains with plastic wrap. This prevents water in the trap from evaporating and letting sewer gases into your home and it prevents insects from entering your home through the plumbing after the lines dry out.
  • Shut off and drain outdoor water faucets and hoses.
  • If you have a pool or hot tub, have it professionally serviced and “closed” for the season.

You should give yourself plenty of time to prepare your home for your extended absence. Here are some other tips for protecting your home while you are away.

Protect your home

  • Invest in motion-sensitive exterior lights, deadbolts for front and back doors and  side locks for sliding doors.
  • Ensure that your alarm system is working and has been activated.
  • Take your valuables with you.
  • Ensure all windows are locked properly.
  • Check to ensure your smoke detectors work and replace all batteries.

Additional security measures you can take:

Make it look like you are home

  • Put lights on timers throughout your house to turn on/off at different times.
  • Forward your mail and stop newspaper delivery.
  • Ask a neighbor or property management service to stop by occasionally to pick up any mail that gets delivered to your door and check inside the house.
  • Schedule lawn maintenance throughout the summer as needed to maintain a “lived in” appearance.
  • Bring inside furniture or planters that could blow away in heavy winds.

Have a happy and stress free trip back North! If you are in need of assistance with plumbing maintenance or repairs before you leave the sunshine state, the plumbers at Flamingo have the tools and expertise to help you! Call us now to speak with a customer service representative at (561) 688-2858